What we don’t or can’t know is a thing I am always grappling with. I believe it might be our active engagement of the liminal that allows us to consider new ways of living in the world. This curiosity and obscurity and perseverance is embedded in the process of making. Acknowledging the sacred and mysterious in our daily round is another route to this encounter. My work process is deliberate, repetitive, and conceived of as a devotional offering. The ritual operations of amassing collections, making multiples, marking with dense detail to cover a surface, making small repeated stitches, or burnishing a surface with wax, ground me in a meditative state and imbue the work with a quality that inspires contemplation. It is also how I begin to recognize what it is that is forming under my hands.

My artwork spans two and three dimensions and in both I examine form and surface, creating aesthetic and conceptual ties between my dual practices. Driven by a desire to converse with the inexplicable, I investigate embodiment, transcendence, and ritual. The indeterminate margin between two and three dimensions expresses the interval of mystery I seek. I am currently creating spaces, even when they are small and suggestive, where we might contemplate new ways of encountering the world. Close, hidden, mysterious voids are often where we come to know things. Or where knowledge comes to us. It is actually the space between, the cracks that open and take us in or form a passage through which we come, changed in some way. Perhaps you could say, born. It is this space that I pursue as both a metaphor for contemplation and as an object in its own right.


2017 : Accumulating Energies; Group Show, Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Mezzanine Gallery, Portland, OR

2017 : Otherwise, Chaos; Group Show, Furthermore Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 : Now; Group Show, Futhermore Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 : Under Construction; Group Show, Furthermore Gallery, Portland, OR 

2016 : 7-year Sightline; Design Week Portland Group Show, Portland, OR

2015 : Let’s Not Stand on Ceremony; Group Show, Futhermore Gallery, Portland, OR

2014 : Faculty Show; Hoffman Gallery, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR



2017 : MFA Applied Craft + Design, OCAC/PNCA

1988 : BA, Willamette University



2017 : Residency, PNCA/Leland Iron Works, Oregon City, OR

2016 : Workshop Scholarship, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass Village, CO